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Does a Garden Room Add Value to Your Home?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
Does a Garden Room Add Value to Your Home?

Garden rooms increase a home’s living space and functionality. You can use a garden room as an entertaining space, gym, hobby room, garden office, or for many other purposes. There really is no limit to the usefulness of a well-constructed garden room, but can one add value to your home?

Can a Garden Room Add Value to Your Home?

Adding a garden room or garden office to your property can certainly increase its value. With more usable space and flexibility, a garden room makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. Given the rising popularity of garden rooms, especially since the pandemic, having one can give your home an edge over similar properties without one.

How a Garden Room Influences Home Value

There are several ways a garden room can add value.

Increased Property Value

Extra living space is one of the main factors that can boost a property’s value. Whether used as a home office, gym, studio, or kids’ playroom, a garden room enhances the functionality of your home. According to a survey by Direct Line Home Insurance, a garden room can increase the value of a home by over 20% on average.

Additional Liveable Space

A garden room creates versatile additional space to enjoy your home and lifestyle. With meticulous design, it can seamlessly become an extension of the main house. The extra year-round living area and ability to enjoy indoor comforts outdoors make your home more attractive to buyers.

Improved Work-Life Balance

For many homeowners today, an office is a must-have. A garden room office provides privacy and separation from main living areas. It allows homeowners to comfortably work from home without cluttering up the house. This improves work-life balance and makes the home more liveable.

Energy Efficiency

Garden rooms built to modern insulation and glazing standards can be energy efficient and economical to run. With features like underfloor heating, smart thermostats and solar control glass, a well-insulated garden room has minimal impact on energy bills while adding usable space.

How Much Value Does a Garden Room Add?

Conservatories and orangeries typically add the most value at around 15%, but a garden room can add value too, depending on the specification. High-end garden rooms designed by architects or builders and using quality materials can add up to 20% or more to a home’s value. The value boost tends to be higher in areas where garden rooms are less common.

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What Affects How Much Value a Garden Room Will Add?

Several factors influence how much extra value a garden room adds:

  • Quality of construction – Bespoke garden rooms use higher-end materials like bi-fold doors, underfloor heating and solar glass. These add more value than DIY or budget builds.
  • Usage – Multi-functional garden rooms used as offices, gym/studios or dining spaces tend to add more value than simpler sunrooms.
  • Location – Garden rooms add more value in urban or suburban homes without much outdoor space. They add less value to rural homes with acres of land.
  • Size – Larger garden rooms add more value as they provide more flexible space. However oversized garden rooms can detract from value if they dominate the garden.
  • Design – Professionally designed garden rooms integrated with the home’s architecture have the highest added value.

With strategic design and construction, a garden room can certainly add value and appeal to your home. The extra living space and home office possibilities make your property more attractive to potential buyers in today’s market.

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Author: Sebastian Grayson