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What is a Velux Loft Conversion?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
What is a Velux Loft Conversion? Velux Windows and Skylights

If you are thinking of having a loft conversion in your home, a Velux loft conversion is worth considering. This type of loft conversion does not alter the roofline. It uses Velux windows that allow the natural sunlight to shine through into the room. A Velux loft conversion is the most cost-effective and the least disruptive and intrusive method of creating additional space in your home using the loft. 

Since the external roofline of the property is not altered, there are no finishes to consider with this type of loft conversion. After the job is complete, the only visual change to your roof is that it now has Velux windows. You can choose to have the Velux windows either slated or tiled in using the existing roof tiles or slates so that they appear as if they have always been there.

Which Types of Loft Conversions Can You Incorporate Velux Windows Into?

Velux Windows are not reserved only for Velux loft conversions. While they are typically used with the most basic type of loft conversion to add natural light into the new room without changing its original shape, they are also often chosen for dormer loft conversions to provide additional natural light. A dormer loft conversion reshapes the roof to provide more internal space and height within the new loft room, and there are different dormer styles to choose from. Most of the time, the conversion is located on the side or back of the roof.  Velux windows can also be used in a hip-to-gable loft conversion, which extends the hip of your roof into a gable end, providing more roof space and allowing for a larger rear dormer to be added, maximising the interior space in the loft room.

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How Can Velux Windows Transform a Loft Conversion?

The main aim of adding Velux windows to a loft conversion is to allow natural light to the room. Whatever style of loft conversion you are going for, if it is possible to add Velux windows, this can create a lighter, brighter space no matter what you choose to do with the new loft room in your home. Velux windows are added on any sloped walls in the loft conversion, which makes them ideal for placing desks, dressing tables, and anything else where you will need maximum natural light in the space.

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Past Projects With Velux Additions:

Velux windows are a popular choice with our clients, with many opting for a simple Velux loft conversion and others adding Velux windows to their larger loft conversions to maximise the natural light in the space. Some of our favourite past projects with Velux windows include:

  • Balham Loft Extension: The addition of large Velux windows in this bedroom and ensuite loft conversion and extension allows for an amazing amount of natural light in the room. 
  • Loft Extension in Sutton: This L-Shaped loft conversion and extension with a rear dormer utilized two Velux windows at the front, lighting up our client’s new bedroom space with plenty of natural light. 
  • Loft Extension in Norbury: This dormer loft conversion added gorgeous French doors and a balcony at the back and two Velux windows at the front to create a stunning and luxurious bedroom and ensuite space in the home. 
  • Loft Extension in Isleworth: This dormer loft conversion into a double bedroom and ensuite has three Velux windows at the front, providing a light and airy space for the client, who has decorated in stunning neutral, light colours to make the most of it. 

Velux loft conversions are the simplest way to transform your loft into a fully functional room in your home. Velux windows can also be used to add natural light to other loft conversion types, most commonly dormer conversions. 

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Author: Sebastian Grayson