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Terraced House

Terraced homes find the biggest benefits

Due to limited expansion space and restrictive inner-city planning, loft conversions could be the simplest way to increase the size of your terraced home. We’re able to offer several creative options for expanding your loft. You’ll find the most common conversions come in the form of ‘Dormer’ and ‘Mansard.’

Dormer Roof

Dormer conversions

The option for space

This type of conversation is quite possibly the most common, and for a good reason. A dormer is an extension of your room beyond standard roof limitations. Generally built to the rear of the property, without the need for planning permission, it offers some of the most significant space gains through a loft conversion.

Most of the work is carried out through the use of scaffolding, resulting in minimal disruption to your everyday life. Creating a protruding dormer with windows will give you a large, airy space that floods the room with light. And because it’s built for head height, you’ll be able to use this space as creatively as you like.

Mansard Roof


A conversion with style

Mansard loft conversions are usually built to the rear of your property, and alter the structure of your roof to an angle of 72 degrees. Most commonly found in London, these stylish extensions offer considerable increases in loft space, with the added beauty of Juliette balconies or large Velux windows.

Although suitable for most property types, Mansard conversions are very popular in London due to their acceptance rating through building authorities. Because you’re altering the structure of your home, it’s best to check if you need planning permission first. If so, we’ll get you through the process.

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