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Essential Guide to Kitchen Extensions for UK Homeowners

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
Essential Guide to Kitchen Extensions for UK Homeowners

Expanding your kitchen can be an exciting endeavour for a homeowner. Kitchen extensions provide an opportunity to gain more space, update design features, and potentially increase the property’s value. However, it’s also a complex project requiring careful planning and decision-making to achieve the best results. We uncover the essential guide to kitchen extensions for UK homeowners and cover key considerations for homeowners planning a kitchen extension.

Key Considerations When Planning Your Kitchen Extension

When embarking on a kitchen extension design project, homeowners need to thoroughly consider what they hope to achieve. This includes setting a realistic budget, determining size and layout, outlining design styles, understanding permits and regulations, hiring the right contractor, and setting a timeline. Taking the time to research beforehand will ensure homeowners undertake a controlled project from start to finish.

Budgeting Tips for Your Kitchen Extension Project

Setting a clear budget is one of the most critical components when planning a kitchen extension. On average, a kitchen extension ranges from £15,000-£25,000 depending on size, finishes, and customisations.

Designing Your Dream Kitchen Extension

A well-designed kitchen extension begins with a vision focused on an individual homeowner’s needs and style preferences. When considering kitchen extension ideas, assess how the new space will be utilised – designated areas for food preparation, dining, relaxation, storage, etc. Consider which fixtures, finishes and appliances align with intended usage and aesthetic vision.

Permits and Regulations for Kitchen Extensions

When extending your home, there are regulations and permits with which homeowners must comply. These include local approval of planning permissions, building regulations pertaining to structural integrity, and more. Homeowners must research requirements for their respective geographical area and project specifics. It’s also wise for homeowners to have conversations with local council planning departments early in the process to confirm that vision aligns with regulations.

Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Kitchen Extension

Vetting and selecting an ideal contractor for a kitchen extension is paramount to achieving the desired outcomes. Homeowners should choose contractors who specialise specifically in kitchen extensions, like us at Simply Easy Refurbs.

Layout Options for Kitchen Extensions

Homeowners have numerous layout options when adding a kitchen extension. Typically, designs incorporate L-shaped, U-shaped, or rectangular footprints based on space allowances. Islands or peninsulas may be included to augment counters and cabinets.

Selecting Materials and Finishes

Kitchen extensions allow great latitude regarding materials and finishes tailored to homeowner preferences. Countertops may include options like granite, quartz, laminate, or concrete, selected to synchronise with cabinetry and floors. Appliances can meet diverse needs from induction cooktops to wine fridges. Lighting choices range from recessed cans, pendant lights, under-cabinet fixtures, and ambience-enhancing strips. Plumbing fixtures introduce opportunities for chef sinks, prep sinks, and designer taps. Carefully curating materials and finishes creates kitchens that align with style visions.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Kitchen Extension?

The timeline for completing a kitchen extension can vary depending on size and complexity. Most projects range from 8-12 weeks from demolition to final fittings and fixtures.

Property Value

Adding living space with a kitchen extension can significantly bolster a home’s resale value. While the upfront investment may be significant, homeowners in the UK typically recoup 80-150% of costs upon selling the property. Extensions on higher-end homes in desirable areas result in the highest value increases for homeowners on resale.

Kitchen extensions give homeowners in the UK various possibilities to gain valuable square footage, update home features, and boost property value. But these projects require diligent planning and decision-making to be successful. Thinking about extending your kitchen? The Simply Easy Refurbs team are ready to start turning your ideas into reality – contact us today for a quote.

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Author: Sebastian Grayson