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Hip-to-gable Dormer Loft Conversion in Lewisham

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Purpose of a Hip-to-gable Dormer Loft Conversion in Lewisham

People residing in a hip-roofed house potentially face the issue of lacking head space. In this case, one may look to a hip-to-gable loft conversion as the solution to this issue. 

At Simply Easy Refurbs, we will give you everything you need to fulfil your dreams of adding a loft conversion to your home. We are with you throughout the entire process including:

  • Costs 
  • Design
  • Building Regulations
  • Local Contractors 

Differences between hip and gable roofs

Hip Roof

The main feature you will notice with a hip roof is the slants on either side of the roof. The slants are all equal in length to each other and naturally join to form a square shape. They can also be found rectangular as well with 2 sides shaped like triangles as they form. 

Gable Roofs

The difference with a gable roof is it only has 2 sloping sides which join at the top. Slopes are often rectangular in shape but can vary depending on the design. 

What is a Hip-to-gable Dormer Loft Conversion in Lewisham

Mainly used in detached homes or at the end of a terraced home a hip-to-gable dormer loft conversion in Lewisham straightens a slanted end of a roof transforming a once know hip roof into a gable roof. The main benefit of this is the addition of the extra space that is provided, and for anyone looking for more head space in their loft, this is a good solution to go towards. Also, this does give you the opportunity to add an additional rear dormer with the adjustments to the roof enabling more space for this if your main goal is the maximise the space you have. 

Hip to Gable Dormer Loft Extension Lewisham Bedroom

Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion Specialists 

We pride ourselves on having a team of experienced experts in the field of hip-to-gable loft conversions. We will be with you every step of the way and are confident of solving any queries you may have during your hip-to-gable loft conversion journey.

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