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How Do I Prepare for a Loft Conversion?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
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No matter what type of property you live in, if you have a loft or attic space, a loft conversion can be one of the best ways to add more room and more value to your home. If you have made the decision to get a loft conversion, things will usually go ahead quickly. In the meantime, this poses the question, “how do I prepare for a loft conversion?”

Will I Need Planning Permission?

One of the first questions to ask before starting any kind of building work on your home is whether or not planning permission will be required. Most of the time, loft conversions can be carried out without getting planning permission. If you are not sure whether the type of loft conversion you are planning to build will require planning permission, you can find out more from your local authority. 


Regardless of whether or not planning permission is required for your loft conversion, it will need to meet building regulations. A local contractor or your local authority can provide you with more information on the building regulations that you will need to consider when making plans. 

Do I Need to Tell My Neighbours?

If the loft conversion that you are planning is going to affect the wall that joins your home to your neighbours, you will need a Party Wall Agreement. This is an agreement drawn up between yourself and any affected neighbours to ensure that the work that is done is fair and will not endanger the adjoining property. You will need to provide your adjoining neighbours with a Party Wall Notice that they can decide whether or not to sign. An independent party wall surveyor can approve the work if they are concerned. However, if your loft conversion is not going to affect the party wall, you do not need to inform them of your plans.

Expand your home with loft conversion bedroom

How Long Does a Loft Conversion Take?

How long will your loft conversion take from booking to completion? This will depend on various different factors. The size of your home, any planning permissions or Party Wall Agreements that might be necessary, surveys, and planning will impact how long it will take to get started. Most loft conversions will take around eight to ten weeks to complete, depending on the scope, and then it’s a wise idea to add another couple of weeks for decoration. If you’re planning to use your loft conversion as a bathroom, it may take longer to conduct relevant plumbing work and install bathroom furniture.

Not passing building regulations can also add more time to the build, so it’s important to have professional plans drawn up by a designer who is aware of the relevant regulations. Your loft will need to pass regulations for stairs, fire safety, and insulation to name a few. 

When’s the Best Time of Year to Have a Loft Conversion?

The best time of year to have your loft converted is a frequently asked customer question. The work can be carried out during any season, although the summer months are preferable for many. When constructing a loft conversion, builders can use an all-weather scaffold that fully protects the building and the work being done, allowing them to continue working even in bad weather conditions. When you decide to get your loft conversion done is best based on your own individual circumstances as seasonal concerns and weather can always be worked around by the professionals. 

A loft conversion is a great way to add extra space to your home and can be used for various room types. Before going ahead, make sure that you’re well-prepared to get the most out of the work

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Author: Sebastian Grayson