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How Much Value Could a Loft Conversion Add to My Home?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
How Much Value Could a Loft Conversion Add to My Home?

How much value could a loft conversion add to my home? Whether you are considering selling your home in the near future or simply want to maximise its value as much as possible with adjustments, a loft conversion is one of the simplest ways to quickly add a lot of value to your home by making it bigger. There are various different types of loft conversion to choose from and each one can create an additional room or even an entire extra storey in your home. Adding an extra bedroom, bathroom, home office space, or a game and cinema room to your home with a loft conversion can add serious value to your home and it’s often a much quicker and easier option compared to selling up and moving to a bigger place if your family is outgrowing the property.

Add Space:

Bigger homes will typically always sell for more, so one of the biggest advantages of a loft conversion in terms of property value is that it adds at least one additional room to your home. You can turn a loft conversion into a wide variety of different room types, whether you are looking to increase the number of bedrooms in your home or install a second bathroom, both of which can cause your home’s value to jump significantly. If you are looking to sell your home, simply having a loft conversion provides buyers with a blank canvas for space that they can use to suit their needs – home office areas, snugs, cinema and games rooms, and even walk-in wardrobes are some very popular and effective uses of the loft conversion space.

Save on Time

If your family is outgrowing your home and you require more space, a loft conversion can be a much quicker and easier alternative to selling and moving to a bigger property. Whether you’ve got a new baby on the way and need a nursery room added to your home or your family is struggling with just the one bathroom, getting a loft conversion can turn your property into a more suitable option for all of you and help you avoid the lengthy process of moving. In addition, it gives you the chance to stay in the home that you love and are used to while adding extra value to it should you decide to sell at any point in the future.

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Additionally, if you are a landlord you can increase rental yield of your property by adding much needed living space and additional bedrooms meaning an investment loft conversion could potentially pay for itself.

Maximise Property Value

How much value exactly can be added to your home when you get a loft conversion? First of all, bear the cost of a loft conversion in mind. Several studies have looked at how much value a loft conversion could add. According to a study by Nationwide, a loft conversion that includes a double bedroom and bathroom can add around 20% extra value to a house that has three bedrooms and one bathroom. In London, another study found that adding a loft conversion to a two-bedroom home could add just under 25% to its value.

How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost?

Of course, it is always sensible to examine the costs and determine whether the price that you pay is worth the additional home value you will get back. There are various factors that go into determining the cost of your loft conversion, including the type of loft conversion you opt for, the type of house that you live in, the structure of your roof, and the amount of existing space that is available. You will also need to consider if there are any alterations required on the lower floor to create a staircase to the loft.

Whether you want to sell or simply improve your property, adding a loft conversion can add a lot of additional space and further value to your home.

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Author: Sebastian Grayson