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How much will your dream loft space cost?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
Loft conversion bedroom - how much does a loft conversion cost

A new play area for the children, a new entertainment room for blockbuster movie nights, a quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle — your new loft could be the space you’ve been dreaming of. But how much will it cost? Our team of property experts and industry professionals have helped us to put together this short article to give you a better understanding of loft conversion budgets and which factors can affect cost.

It starts with the size

A loft conversion is a great way to gain the extra space you’re looking for, but it’s the size, and the shape of this space has a direct impact on the cost. The bigger the home, the more money you’ll need to budget. While there are many options when it comes to converting your loft, there are four main types you’ll likely consider – roof light, dormer, hip-to-gable, and Mansard. Each of these conversion types comes with their own benefits, but some could cost you a lot more than others.

What are the differences?

We’ve broken down the four standard conversion types to help you understand the differences in cost and space.

Roof light conversions

If you’re on a tighter budget or your existing loft already has the size and space you’re looking for, this could be the solution for you. Through the clever use of skylights, we can create your perfect top-level living space. By maximising natural light and using bright colours, your loft will feel bigger without changing its existing structure, saving you money on extensions and alterations. And unless your property is in a conservation area, you probably won’t need planning permission either.

A roof light conversion could cost you as little as £30,000*.

Dormer conversions

This is possibly the best price to space loft conversion option. Likely the most common, dormer conversions gain you extra space by extending your room beyond standard roof limitations. Generally built to the rear of the property, without the need for planning permission, it offers some of the most significant space gains while increasing head height too.

Dormer conversation prices can vary considerably, but you could expect to pay between £30,000 – £50,000*.

Hip-to-gable conversions

Popular with semi-detached homes, this conversion requires us to slightly alter the shape of your roof to make the most of your loft space, but this comes at a cost. Adapting and replacing roof structures requires skilled professionals, and project timescales can vary based on the size of the building. But, by removing the sloping side section, we’ll be able to extend the A-frame to the flat wall of the home giving you more space than ever. Known as a hip-to-gable conversion, it’s a well practised and easy to implement project.

Due to the structural alterations, hip-to-gable conversions cost approximately £40,000 – £50,000*.


A conversion with style – Mansard loft conversions are often considered the most desirable, but they also require the most significant budget. Named after the 17th-century French Architect Francois Mansard, these stylish extensions are commonly found across London and offer considerable increases in space by altering the structure of your roof to an angle of around 72 degrees, with the added beauty of Juliette balconies or large Velux windows. Due to the nature of the conversion, you’ll most likely need to apply for planning permission when designing a Mansard loft.

Mansards are truly dependent on the size of the home, but you should budget for more than £40,000*.

The small details add-up

Once you’ve decided on your conversion method, you’ll then need to consider all the little extras that come with it. If it’s required, planning permission needs to be included in your budget. What’s the state of your existing insulation? You may need to replace it. Adding an en-suite to your new double guest room? Then don’t forget the plumbing and appliances. There are a lot of smaller details that often go overlooked in the initial planning stages of a loft conversion. That’s where we come in.

We’ll meet with you to discuss your vision and to get a better understanding of precisely what you’re looking for. We’ll look at the best options for maximising space while staying within your budget. And we’ll start by providing you with a free, no-obligation valuation to give you a better idea of project costs.

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*Prices are estimates and are subject to change based on requirements.

Loft conversion bedroom - how much does a loft conversion cost
Loft conversion bedroom - Can you have a loft conversion in a bungalow?

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Author: Sebastian Grayson