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A guarantee worth having — IBG

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
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Whether you’re adding a bathroom, building an extension, or transforming your loft, you want to know that the project will not just be of the highest standard, but guaranteed to last. And while you’ll find words like warranty and guarantee on nearly all loft conversions and refurbishment websites and adverts, your cover won’t last quite as long as you’re led to believe. But our guarantee isn’t like the rest, it’s a HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee, and that’s worth having.

What’s an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)?

Did you know, if a contractor’s business guarantee covers faulty workmanship and materials, it’s only valid while they’re still trading or willing to honour it? Simply put, if your contractor goes bust, you’re not covered. But an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) will protect your financial investment by matching the terms of your contractor’s original guarantee, even after liquidation, giving you the ultimate home-improvement peace of mind.

How do I know if I’m covered?

Only industry-approved contractors can claim they’re covered by an HomePro IBG, meaning only those who meet a high standard of construction and undergo extensive vetting are included. You can check to see if someone is covered on the HomePro website, and now, you’ll find us here too.

Your project is safe with us

We’re so confident in our quality of work that we now offer a full 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee on all our loft conversions. So no matter what happens to us, our projects are protected and covered by market-leading tradespeople insurance.

And you’re not just covered after we leave. Our HomePro IBG will protect your investment from the day of your deposit, throughout the project, and past completion, so you can rest assured that your project will go exactly the way you planned it.

Insurance that pays back

Planning on moving in a few years time? You can transfer a HomePro IBG to the new owner, so they’ll receive the same high-quality insurance cover on the work that you had done. This could make selling your home much easier, and in some cases, even increase the value of your property.

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Build smart, stay covered

If you’re looking to transform your loft space, do it with the backing of an award-winning IBG. Contact us today, and receive your completely free IBG-covered conversion quote.

If you’re ready to sit back and enjoy a Simply Easy Refurb on your home, contact us today.

Author: Sebastian Grayson