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Loft conversion in Balham

Can Any House Have a Loft Conversion in Balham?

Yes, most houses can have a Loft Conversion. However, the style of conversion will depend on what type of home you have. Below is a breakdown of the different types of loft conversions based on the properties that they are most suited for.
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Detached Homes

If you have a detached home in Balham, then you will have the most potential when it comes to selecting a loft conversion.

With a detached home, you can have almost any type of loft conversion. However, the most popular choices tend to be Hip to Gable and Dormer Loft Conversions. Hip to Gable conversions extend the length of the slope at each side of the property, which results in being able to add lots of extra space. Dormer loft conversions can also be done on both sides of the roof for an even larger room inside. This style of conversion is great if you wish to add additional exterior features such as balconies.

Semi-Detached Homes

If you have a semi-detached home in Balham, you will have the same options as what would be offered to someone who owns a detached property, however, these can only be done on the one sloping side of the roof.

Semi-detached properties are suitable for Hip to Gable loft conversions, Mansard conversions, Roof light conversions, and Dormer conversions. A Dormer conversion is often the most popular option for a semi-detached property.


The type of loft conversion you choose to have will depend on whether or not your roof is shared with surrounding properties. However, with that being said, many bungalows are either detached or semi-detached. If this is the case, then this means that your property would be suitable for the loft conversions that we would offer for a detached or semi-detached property.

Having enough space is also very important, as there needs to be plenty of room for us to build a safe staircase that will lead up into your loft conversion.

How Much Value Could a Loft Conversion Add to My Home in Balham?

The value of a loft conversion in Balham is undeniable. Not only do they provide your home with more value, but they also allow for more space and are a significantly cheaper option than if you were to up and move house.

To find out more about the value of a loft conversion, click here.

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