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Loft Conversion in Wandsworth

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Why Choose Us For Your Loft Conversion in Wandsworth?

At SimplyEasy Refurbs we take pride in being as approachable as possible. We are here to support you in every step of the process regarding your loft conversion. Our team are on hand 24/7 to answer any questions that you may have and aim to have the quickest turnaround time from when the problem arises and the solution. Building healthy relationships with our clients is key and it is imperative to us that our clients are happy and have a stress-free experience when it comes to your loft conversion journey.

We also pride ourselves on having strong attention to detail. From creating a project timeline for your loft conversion in Wandsworth to keeping a close eye on the budget that is available throughout the entire process, this is what makes us one of the best loft conversion companies around.

Benefits of a Loft Conversion in Wandsworth

Outside Space

When looking into house extensions most often outside space such as your garden or driveway will be occupied during this process. However, this is not the case for loft conversions as you are building upwards avoiding the need to use any outside space. Due to less major structural work as well a loft conversion is a cheaper option than an extension. 

Property Value

One of the main incentives for a loft conversion is the value it adds to your property. Nationwide studies have found that on average it adds about 10-20% value to your home by adding a loft conversion. 


Because of the height associated with a loft conversion the opportunity to optimise the amount of natural light shown can be optimised based on the angle, height and positioning. They are much less likely to be blocked by other houses or trees; the use of Velux windows in loft conversions is the main enabler for this. 

Living Space

Adding a loft conversion is the perfect way of adding extra living space to your home. This space can be used as an additional bedroom, bathroom or living room, the options are endless. 

How long does a Loft Conversion in Wandsworth take?

This really depends on the nature of the project but generally, it takes between 2-3 months to complete. This could further be extended if you need planning permission or a party wall agreement. It is essential to set realistic targets during this process and at SimplyEasy Refurbs our experts will be with you throughout giving you the advice you need through every step of your loft conversion journey

Loft Extension in Wandsworth bedroom - loft conversion in wandsworth

Building Regulations for a Hip to Gable Dormer Loft Conversion in Thornton Heath

An L-Shaped Loft Extension usually requires around 6 to 12 weeks to complete. The reason for this is because of the multiple rooms that need to be constructed. 

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SimplyEasy Refurbs we offer all potential clients the opportunity to have a free quotation appointment. This will allow you to learn more about your potential loft conversion journey.  We will present you with a PowerPoint presentation as well to give you an indication of the schedule and timings, this should help you understand every stage of the process. 

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