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Semi-detached House Loft Conversion

Semi-detached house loft conversion? Easy.

As with most semi-detached homes built after the Edwardian period, if you have a roof that slopes on three sides, you’ll want to expand your loft space before moving into the top floor. And while this might sound complicated, we make it simple.

Hip-to-gable conversions

Creating space with a simple A-frame.

To make sure you can create the room you desire, we’ll need to slightly alter the shape of your roof. By removing the sloping side section, we’ll be able to extend the A-frame to the flat wall of the home. Known as a hip-to-gable conversion, it’s a well practised and easy to implement project.

Although rarely necessary, we recommend contacting your local building authority to see if you need planning permission. If you do, don’t worry, we’ll help you through the process. After having your plans drawn by a professional architect and designer, we’ll submit the proposal to your local council. Once we receive confirmation of the acceptance of the project, we’ll get straight to work creating your new semi-detached house loft conversion.

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