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Why Should I Improve My Home with a Loft Conversion?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
Loft conversion bedroom - how much does a loft conversion cost

When you want to enhance your living environment without the hassle of moving to a new property, you may be thinking “Should I Improve My Home with a Loft Conversion?”. Modifying your existing property gives you the opportunity to create a custom floor plan that suits your needs. If you are ready to create your dream home, take a look at the benefits a loft conversion brings:

1. Increased Living Space

First and foremost, a loft conversion gives you more living space to enjoy. Whether you need an extra bedroom for a growing family, a home office for a burgeoning business or a games room to keep kids and teenagers occupied, converting the attic increases the square footage of your home and creates extra functional space.

2. Adds Value to Your Home

As property is usually a main asset, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect and increase the value of your home. By modifying the property, you can add considerable value to your home. However, the impact on the value of the property will depend on the specific modifications you make. Loft conversions are well-known for adding significant value to all types of properties, which is why they’re a great investment.

3. Easier Than Moving

Moving to a new house can be time-consuming and stressful, so it’s not something you’ll want to do on a whim. If you love your current home but need a little more space, a loft conversion can save you the time, cost, and hassle that comes with moving to a new property.

Instead of spending months searching for a new home, negotiating prices, and renovating or redecorating, you can have a loft converted in as little as 8 weeks. With minimal disruption, a loft conversion is one of the easiest ways to modify and enhance a property.

4. Stay in a Location You Love

If you’re considering moving to a new home in order to have more space, you’re probably going to need to increase your budget in order to find a larger property in your chosen area. Due to this, many people feel forced to move to a different location in order to stay within their budget and access the extra space they need. Fortunately, there are other options available helping to answer the question “Why should I Improve My Home with a Loft Conversion?”

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Finding a location you love isn’t always easy and you may have built up strong ties within your current community. If you’re close to your workplace or great schools, for example, you may be reluctant to up sticks and leave. When you opt for a loft conversion, you can create your dream home in the location you love.

5. Generate Rental Income

If you want to generate a second income from your property, a loft conversion gives you the space you need to achieve your financial goals. By renting out your new room, for example, you can receive market rents for a bedroom or studio apartment. This means you can enjoy an extra source of income for as long you decide to lease the space and your loft conversion will pay for itself in no time at all!

6. No Need to Obtain Planning Permission if Under Permitted Development

Unlike most property modifications, loft conversions don’t usually require planning permission if your build comes under permitted development restrictions. This means that you can fast-track the process of enhancing your home and begin making the most of the extra space as quickly as possible.

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Author: Sebastian Grayson