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5 Loft Conversion Ideas for Small Lofts

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
Loft Conversion Ideas for Small Lofts

Most people who have a small loft end up using it as a storage space where they throw all those things that you have no other place for in your home but don’t want to throw out completely. But a loft conversion could really maximise a small space and add further value to your home. Depending on the size of your loft it could become a seriously organised storage space, a walk-in wardrobe, or even an extra bedroom. There are plenty of small loft conversion ideas to consider if you want to do something different with your space. We’ve put together some loft conversion ideas for small lofts to help you get inspired.

Home Office

With more people than ever working from home right now due to the COVID19 pandemic, your loft area could become the perfect space for working from home. If you are tired of working from the sofa or the kitchen table and would really like your own office space where you can go to work and switch off from all the distractions around your home, your loft could be the ideal solution. Be sure to maximise the daylight in your loft to make it easy and pleasant to work in. Velux windows are a great solution for brightening up the room or add a Juliette balcony to make the most of a fabulous view.


Whether you would like to add a second bathroom to your home or want to convert your existing upstairs bathroom into more bedroom space, your loft can provide an excellent opportunity. Loft bathrooms can be a calming, relaxing space in your home and there are certainly plenty of design options to choose from. SimplyEasy Refurbs has some stunning loft bathroom ideas using bathroom furniture from Victoria Plum that you simply can’t go wrong with.

Bathroom Loft Conversion Idea for Small Loft
Bathroom Loft Conversion Idea

Wardrobe Storage Space

Are your clothes spilling out of your bedroom and causing it to feel cluttered and messy? If you are running out of wardrobe space but don’t want to part with your clothes, using your loft for extra storage could be a great idea. A walk-in wardrobe is one of the best loft conversion storage ideas and you can turn it into a haven for neatly storing all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. You could even consider adding a dressing table and a mirror so that you have a dedicated place to get ready whether you’re heading to work or a special event.

Spare Bedroom

One of the most popular options for loft conversions is a spare bedroom. There are plenty of loft conversion bedroom ideas to choose from and lofts tend to make excellent bedrooms for kids if you have a growing family and want to free up more space in your home. Consider keeping the conversion open-plan to maximise space and think about storage solutions for those often awkward spaces in your loft, such as under the sloping roof, where a built-in wardrobe usually works well. Underbed storage solutions and shelving built into the walls also tend to work well for keeping a loft bedroom neat and tidy.

Play Room

If you have young children, the loft can make an excellent playroom. It can serve as a place to keep all those toys that always end up under your feet in the living room and can be an excellent place for your kids to learn and have fun. Large Velux windows will brighten the space up for homework with a small desk underneath the windows, or you could consider making a cosy reading nook in a corner so that your kids really do have everything that they need in one place.

When you have loft space sitting unused, there are plenty of ways to turn it into a functional room in your home.

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Author: Sebastian Grayson