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How long does a loft conversion take?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
Completed loft - How long does a loft conversion take?

When you’ve been planning and saving for your dream loft for so long, we know you’ll be excited to get in and use it. But how long does a loft conversion take until it’s complete? To help you get a better understanding of the time it takes to transform your unused loft into your dream space, we can split the project into three sections, planning, construction, and send off.

Phase one: Planning

It might come as a surprise that planning could potentially be the longest phase of them all, especially after you’ve been plotting it in your head for so long. But don’t worry, we won’t hang around and drag this out. After you meet with a member of our team, we’ll have our quotation and proposal back to you within three days. When you’re happy with the costs, we’ll begin drawing up your blueprints and plans, and once approved, we’ll put these forward for planning permission or an LDC Certificate. You can find out more about planning and LDC Certificates here.

Now that you’ve received approval from the governing bodies or your LDC Certificate, and all (if any) party wall agreements are signed, you’re one small, but very fun, step away from starting your project. It’s time to meet your project manager, who will meet with you to finalise the fixtures and fittings and ensure we’re doing everything we can to create your dream space.

This whole process could take up to six months, but we’ll be able to give you a better time estimate when we know more about your project. There are a few simple steps that you can take to speed up the process, and get your project underway as soon as possible.

Phase two: Construction

Now the real work begins. We’ll start by preparing the site, erecting scaffolding to the front and/or rear of your house. This will help us to work safely, store materials and remove debris and packaging without dragging it all through your home. We’ll also have a skip delivered, usually in your driveway or on the road, but we’ll discuss the location with you, and arrange any permits required to do this with your local authority. The materials will start to be delivered, and your staircase will be measured and ordered.

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By week three, the structure will be complete, the dormer built, and the staircase installed. We’ll have our first building control inspection, and by the end of the following week, the electricians and plumbers will be finishing off their first fix. Week five sees further work on the roof and the installation of insulation, plasterboard, and a plaster coat — your new loft will start to take shape.

After our second building control inspection in week five, we’ll be on the home stretch, with lighting, electrics, and the bathroom suite fitted by week seven, with tiling, carpentry, and the final plumbing works completed by week nine.
During your final two weeks, we’ll be putting the all-important finishing touches on your new space, taking care of any snags along the way, and we’ll take down the scaffolding too. And by week ten, you’ll have your final building control inspection, leading us into the last phase.

The construction process typically takes up to ten weeks, but this can change depending on the size of your project.

Phase three: Send off

We’re nearly there, and all the hard work is out the way. This small two-week process simply covers all the legal documents that you’ll want and need in case you sell your home or require an inspection. You’ll receive your electrical certificate, your building control completion certificate, and your 10-year warranty certificate. But most importantly, this will be your time to tell us you’re happy, and if you have any concerns or questions, we’ll be on hand to deal with them.

Whether you’re ready to begin or still in the early days of planning your loft transformation, we’re ready to help. Contact us today, and let’s start your SimplyEasy Refurb.

If you’re ready to sit back and enjoy a Simply Easy Refurb on your home, contact us today.

Author: Sebastian Grayson