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How to Convert a Loft on a Budget

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
Loft conversion Newham - How to Convert a Loft on a Budget

Spread the cost of your loft conversion using finance

Loft conversions can be one of the best ways to add more space and increase the value of your home. We understand that committing to a loft conversion or extension can be a big ordeal, and when it comes to the question of ‘how to convert a loft on a budget?’ we have the solution. We have teamed up with Ideal4finance to help you finance your loft conversion and make the whole process much more comfortable for you. 

What is Included in a Basic Loft Conversion?

A basic loft conversion will typically involve having a staircase installed to access the new space, insulation, flooring, and the creation of a new living area. In some cases, windows may also need to be added or relocated to ensure that there is enough natural light in the new room. You may also need to think about adding or upgrading your electrical and plumbing systems depending on the size and complexity of the room. 

The Most Expensive Areas of a Loft Conversion

The staircase is one of the most expensive areas of the loft conversion. Installing a bespoke staircase to access the space can be costly, especially if you choose high-end materials such as solid wood. Another costly part is the roof structure, as reinforcement may be needed if you wish to convert your loft into a living space. And the type of roof you have at your home can also impact the cost. A flat roof generally means a more expensive conversion compared to a pitched roof. 

Roof Type

Pitched roofs are typically more straightforward to work with, and less work is required to make the loft suitable for use as a living space. On the other hand, it will require more work to reinforce the structure of a flat roof and make it watertight. 

Stair Access

A straight staircase is usually the cheapest option, but it might not always be possible if you have limited space. A spiral staircase is ideal as a space-saving solution, but it can be a more expensive option. There’s also the L-shaped staircase, which can help with maximising space in the loft, but usually costs the most. 

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Don’t forget the cost of decorating when your loft conversion is completed to turn it into an inviting, comfortable space. While you can save money by doing this on your own, some people might not be comfortable with DIY, and will need to factor in the cost of a decorator. 

Reliable Builders When Converting Your Loft

It’s crucial to find a good, reliable builder who can maximise your loft conversion value and provide the best results. Your builders should have a good reputation and have completed similar projects in the past. Check their portfolio of completed work and get a few quotes to compare prices, ensuring you’re getting the best value for money. 

The Best Ways to Reduce Costs During Your Loft Conversion Journey

There are several things you can do to reduce costs, including: 

  • Reuse existing materials: Wherever you can, use or reuse existing materials instead of replacing them. 
  • Choose a simple design: A simple loft conversion will be less expensive than a complex one as less work and materials are required. 
  • Choose low-cost alternatives: Look into cheaper materials and any other low-cost alternatives you can find throughout the process, such as paint instead of wallpaper for decorating. 
  • DIY: If you have the experience and skills, you can save money by doing some of the work yourself, such as stripping out old flooring and insulation. 

Why apply for Ideal4finance with SimplyEasy Refurbs

Applying for finance with SimplyEasy Refurbs and Ideal4fianance allows you to split payments amounting to the cost of a loft conversion or extension over a certain period of time. These split-up payments are beneficial as they are more affordable payments instead of paying for the entire loft conversion or extension up-front. Essentially this speeds up the process of your conversion instead of pondering on whether you can afford it and cutting corners, you can get the loft conversion of your dreams. 

What are the benefits and the process? 

By applying to our finance scheme you are eligible for these benefits: 

  • Flexible Terms

You are able to borrow anywhere between £1,000 to £500,000 over variable periods. 

  • Quick and simple application 

The process to apply for finance is very easy and straightforward. Simply visit www.ideal4finance.com/ser or contact them at 020 3617 4647. The application will not hinder your credit score in any way however a full credit search will be required if you wish to proceed further. 

  • Decision within seconds
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Once you have submitted your application you will receive an immediate decision within 60 seconds of your application. 

Ideal4finance is here whenever you need them to look after your finance decisions at every stage of your loft conversion journey.

Factors you should consider 

Of course, choosing finance is beneficial towards helping you budget. However, we recommend looking at these factors before deciding how much you’d like to borrow. Factors such as: 

  • Type of conversion/building regulations

You should consider the intended use of the space available which will determine the type of conversion that is suitable for the space available. Certain types of conversions require planning permission which you will need to adhere to. All of this is vital so you are aware of exactly what budget will be required.

  • Head height

It is important you evaluate the height of your space before considering a loft conversion. You need to be certain that your space is high enough for a conversion. Building regulations will specify the requirements needed. 

  • Insulation

Now ever more important with the cost of living it is important to access your space and the areas needed for insulation. Things such as floor heating, wall insulation, roof covering and even things such as sound insulation for the people below your loft will need to be considered.

Why Ideal4finance? 

The main reason why SimplyEasy Refurbs are partnering with Ideal4finance is to act as a lifeline to customers who are looking into a loft conversion or extension but haven’t committed due to cost. Having the right finance plan in place will put your mind at ease knowing ideal4finance can help facilitate the perfect plan that suits both SimplyEasy Refurbs and you the customer. Once the plan has been chosen both SimplyEasy Refurbs and Ideal4fianance will be on hand throughout the entire process whilst also presenting you with a host of new purchase opportunities. 

Convert your loft on a budget today

Get all the calculations you need with our finance calculator. Our finance calculator will help you get quick and easy finance calculations which will give you an idea of your monthly cost if you were to borrow a certain amount. To access our finance calculator visit this link here and feel free to contact SimplyEasy Refurbs either via our contact form or by ringing 0203 648 9687. Alternatively, visit our finance page for more information. 

If you’re ready to sit back and enjoy a Simply Easy Refurb on your home, contact us today.

Author: Sebastian Grayson