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New Year, New Bedroom Loft Conversion

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
loft conversion bedroom.1 - New year new bedroom loft conversion

If your main goal for 2023 is to create the home that you love, then a loft conversion might be something that you are considering. Investing in a loft conversion for your home can make a huge amount of difference to the living space, allowing you to create an entirely new room in your home without the need to build outwards. 

Looking for a Loft Conversion in the New Year

If a loft conversion is something that you are considering for this year, then there are a few things to do before you get started. The first step includes making sure that your loft space is suitable for conversion and determining whether or not you are going to need planning permission. Most homes and loft conversions are included with permitted development, but you may need to get further permission from the council to go ahead with the work in some cases, such as if your existing loft space will need additional building work to make it suitable. 

Creating a Loft Conversion Bedroom This Year

If you want to create a new bedroom in your home with a loft conversion bedroom this year, then there are several different loft conversion types to choose from. These are:

  • Roof Light: A roof light loft conversion is the cheapest, easiest option available when it comes to converting your loft. It’s usually covered by permitted development and does not involve extensive work on the roof. If you have a large loft space, you can use this type of loft conversion to create a bedroom without adjusting the shape or pitch of the roof, and simply adding a staircase and skylight windows. 
  • Dormer: A dormer loft conversion includes an extension that protrudes from the roof’s sloped side. These are a popular choice for most homeowners as they can be fitted on any property with a sloping roof and add more space to the loft room. Since the additional building is required, you may need planning permission in some cases. 
  • Hip-to-Gable: These conversions lengthen the slope of the roof at the side of the property, known as the hip. This creates a vertical wall that increases the amount of loft space inside. It’s only suitable for detached or semi-detached properties since it requires a free-sloping roof at the side of the house. 
  • Mansard: These loft conversions run along the entire length of the roof and alter the slope angle of the roof making it almost vertical. A mansard loft conversion is suitable for almost any property type. While they are usually the most expensive type of loft conversion to choose from, they are the best option if you want a large room or multiple rooms in the loft. 
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Why Create a Loft Conversion Bedroom?

There are multiple potential reasons why you may decide to create a loft conversion bedroom in your home this year. Some of the main reasons why homeowners invest in turning the loft into a bedroom space include:

More Value: There’s no denying that a loft conversion that adds an extra bedroom to your home will add value to the property. If you are considering selling your property, or this is something that might be an option for you in the future, a loft conversion bedroom is worth the investment, allowing you to put your house on the market at a higher price. 

Use of Space: Converting your loft into an extra bedroom creates significantly more space in your home. Along with an extra living area that’s ideal for a growing family or simply for a spare bedroom, you will also have more storage space within the home. A bedroom isn’t the only option, either – we are seeing an increasing number of homeowners using a loft conversion as a home office, for example. 

If converting your loft into a bedroom or another living space is one of your main goals for 2023, get in touch with Simply Easy Refurbs today to discuss your plans.

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Author: Sebastian Grayson