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Should You Consider a Multi-Room Loft Conversion?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
Mansard Loft Extension in Streatham Hill Bathroom Sink - Should You Consider a Multi-Room Loft Conversion?

Should you consider a multi-room loft conversion? There are several reasons why you might decide to have a loft conversion for your home. Whether you want an extra bedroom, a home office, or something else, most people think of a loft conversion as being one room and one space for you and your family to use. However, converting your loft into one large room isn’t always the only approach you can take. A loft conversion can be made into multiple rooms, which might be worth considering. Keep on reading to find out more about multi-room loft conversions and why you should think about getting one. 


More Functional Space

It’s common knowledge that a loft conversion allows you to maximise and use more space in your home, no matter what kind of house you have or how many rooms are in it. But, when it comes to the space up in your loft, is one big room the best option? A loft conversion with two or more rooms might have the same floor space as one room but having two different areas will provide more ‘space’ by allowing you to use each room for a different purpose. 

A Multi-Purpose Loft Space

While having a lot of conversions for a set reason like a master bedroom or a home office can be great, a multi-room loft conversion can be a more flexible option, which can be great for when things change in your house and family. Over time, having a loft conversion that you can re-think and re-purpose easily as and when needed can really help you get your money’s worth. When you have two rooms in your loft conversion, it’s easier to make them have different functions, allowing you to use your loft for various reasons that may or may not always be related. 

More Guests Can Use It

Sometimes, a loft conversion might be done with a certain person or purpose in mind. For example, it might be time to create a new bedroom for a teenager who is sick of sharing with younger siblings. Or you might want to create a new bedroom for you and your partner to free up more bedrooms on the lower floor to welcome a new arrival into your family. Alternatively, if you have been working from home more often over the past couple of years and have been cramped in the kitchen, you might be considering a loft conversion as a home office space for yourself. But why be limited to just one room that is used by one or perhaps two people? With a multi-room loft conversion, the space is opened up to more people, allowing you to have a home office and a guest bedroom that two people can use simultaneously without getting in each other’s way, for example. 

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Add More Value

You may already be aware that having your loft converted can add up to 20% value of your home, which is great for anyone considering selling the property in the future. However, a multi-room conversion can help with adding even more loft conversion value to your property. For example, if you currently have two bedrooms in your home and have a loft conversion done adding two further bedrooms, you can turn it into a four-bedroom house, doubling the number of bedrooms and adding significant value to the property. 

While most people think of converting the loft into just one room, such as a master bedroom or home office, why limit yourself? With a large enough loft, you can easily create two whole new rooms for your home. Whether you want to add two extra bedrooms or rooms with different purposes, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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Author: Sebastian Grayson