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5 Benefits of Home Office Loft Conversions

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, more people than ever have worked from home in 2020. In many cases, however, this has involved setting up makeshift workspaces on dining tables or kitchen counters. Fortunately, here at Simply Easy Refurbs, there’s an easy way to create a dedicated and productive workspace in your home.

With home office loft conversions, you can increase the functionality of your home and create more usable space. Whether you’re working from home full-time, starting a freelance career, or embracing flexible working, a home office gives you the freedom to work without interruptions. To discover just how advantageous this type of modification can be, take a look at some of the benefits home office loft conversions offer:

1. Multi-Purpose Living Space

Converting your attic space into an office gives you the option to work from home whenever you choose to. However, you can also ensure that your new home office is a multi-purpose space for the whole family to enjoy. If your kids are studying online, for example, a home office can provide a quiet environment for them to work in too.

In addition to this, you may decide to feature a daybed or sleeper sofa in your home office. This will provide comfortable seating when you decide to take a break from work and allows you to use your loft conversion as an extra bedroom too. With so many ways to use your new space, converting your loft into a home office can benefit the whole family.

2. Great Convenience

If commuting to work is getting you down, creating a bespoke office in your loft is the ideal solution! Combining the convenience of working from home with the quiet environment you need to maximise productivity, a dedicated home office can actually reduce the amount of time you spend working and give you a better work-life balance.

What’s more – having a designated space to store your work equipment, documents and supplies ensures you can separate work from home life and enjoy your time off.

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3. Suitable for Homes of All Sizes

No matter how large or small your home is, a loft conversion can increase the square footage and give you more functional space. Whether you own a two-bed terrace property or live in a sprawling detached home, converting your attic ensures you can make the most of every feature.

Of course, you don’t need to own a house in order to benefit from converting attic space into a home office. They’re ideal for bungalows and top-floor flats too, which means a wide variety of homeowners can modify their properties to achieve more functionality and freedom.

4. Save Money

A loft conversion can be an extremely cost-effective way of accessing the office space you need. In contrast, renting an office can cost thousands of pounds per month and doesn’t provide any financial return. In fact, you might need to work for half the week just to fund your office space! When you’ve got the resources and space you need at home, however, you can significantly reduce your costs and save a substantial amount of money in the long-term.

5. Add Value to Your Home

Modifying your property can enhance your living environment and increase the value of your home, depending on the changes you make. Loft conversions have been shown to add considerable value to properties, which is one of the reasons they’re so popular. By turning your attic into a functional room, you can effectively transform a three-bedroom property into a four-bed or incorporate a studio apartment into your property. By doing so, you’ll add substantial value and protect your investment.

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Author: Sebastian Grayson