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Roof Terraces

The perfect addition to any conversion, a roof terrace provides you with beautiful views and a private spot for relaxing outside.

With outside space having become such a premium, people living in top-floor flats or in maisonettes that lack a garden can maximise their loft conversion with a private rooftop space. This, of course, will depend on where you live, as such a project may require planning permission.

Perhaps the easiest roof terrace to install is a Velux Cabrio system, in which the window expands into a small balcony when opened. The other option is to convert part of (or the whole of) your loft into a roof terrace. While this is a more substantial project, and requires more careful planning, we keep things simple. Whether you need a designer or have had the plans already drawn up, your project manager will make sure everything is taken care of, while coordinating with you.

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