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L-shaped loft conversion in Battersea

What Is an L-Shaped Loft Conversion in Battersea?

An L-shaped Loft Conversion is where two dormers are connected together. One dormer is built so it fits over the main part of the roof, and the other is built over the rear part of the roof. By doing this, it creates the aesthetic of an L-shape when looked down upon from a bird’s eye view.

L Shaped loft extension Battersea ensuite
L Shaped loft extension Battersea bedroom alt

What Properties Is an L-Shaped Loft Conversion Best Suited To?

Due to the size, this type of conversion is best suited to certain types of properties. 

See below:

These properties, in particular are often the best because the original designs often include an addition to the rear of the property.

Benefits of an L-Shaped Loft Conversion in Battersea?

There are four main benefits of an L-shaped loft conversion.

  1. Head height

If you’re looking to make the most of the head height in your roof space, then an L-shaped loft conversion is a great option.

     2. Most usable space

L-shaped loft conversions often give you more flexibility when it comes to design due to the fact that they offer the most usable space out of any loft conversion style.

     3. Can create multiple rooms

An L-shaped loft conversion in Battersea will enable you to create multiple rooms. As mentioned above, L-shaped conversions give you more space, so therefore, this opens up the opportunity to create multiple rooms. Popular options are a spare bedroom and bathroom, a playroom, a home office, or a dressing room.

    4. Juliet balconies

Adding a Juliet balcony to your L-shaped loft conversion in Battersea would help to increase the amount of natural light and would help create the illusion of more space. 

Juliet balconies are especially great in the summer. When opened up, they can create the feeling of a bright, airy home.

How Long Does an L-Shaped Loft Conversion in Battersea Take To Build?

On average, an L-shaped loft conversion would take anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks. However, there are many factors to take into consideration that can often affect the timeline of a project.

To find out more about the timings of an L-shaped loft conversion in Battersea, click here.

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